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A New Type Of Transdermal Patch


Generally, when you think transdermal patch you think about smokers patches that help people quit smoking. But today, transdermal patches are being used for so many other things. Ntrinsiq Works is here to help you understand all the different ways transdermal patches can be used and why using transdermal patches being used just to help smokers, is a thing of the past.

First, let’s talk about why transdermal patches are an effective means for delivering ingredients into the system.

  • When a transdermal patch is attached directly to the skin, it allows for a direct substance to body flow that is un-interrupted by digestion and other bodily functions.
  • The transdermal form allows for prolonged levels of ingredients to reach the body with less differences in peak to trough levels, compared to most tradition forms of delivery.
  • When a transdermal patch is in use, YOU are in complete control of your dosage because you have the ability to remove or keep the patch on.

Now, let’s discuss the many different uses that transdermal patches have in this day and age! Transdermal patches can be used to:

  1. Increase Energy
  2. Increase Female Libido
  3. Increase Male Libido
  4. Keep Insects Away
  5. Relieve Stress
  6. Increase Restful Sleep
  7. Decrease Appetite
  8. Prevent Hangovers

That’s a lot more than just helping smokers quit! And let’s be honest here, some of those things sounds really nice! Ntrinsiq Works thought the same thing, so we decided to invent and produce N’Ergy, N’Vigor, N’visible, SereNity, Nirvana, SlimN, and SliNgshot transdermal patches, to provide you with all the sweet advantages you get when you use a transdermal patch.

What are you waiting for? Try them out for yourself today!

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