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An Energy Patch Like No Other


The Ntrinsiq energy patch is like nothing your body has ever felt before! If you have trouble staying awake at work, keeping your eyes open at school, keeping your motivation up while working out, or even getting out of bed in the morning, this transdermal “N’ergy” patch is perfect for you. With its all natural and safe ingredients like Guarana, green tea, and caffeine, you will be feeling the energy in no time. And better yet, with none of the nasty side effects that come with other artificial energy boosters.

Unlike the classic energy boosters that raise your energy level by increasing your sugar, the Ntrinsiq energy patch delivers low levels of natural ingredients over a period of time. This allows for your energy boost to be much safer as well as much more effective. Our N’ergy patch is also safer for you to use, thanks to its transdermal design. The transdermal design is meant to allow the patch to give prolonged level of ingredients with fewer differences in peak to trough levels. Meaning it is a more stable way of getting a boost, than classic energy boosters that release different levels of ingredients at different times.

But what really makes the Ntrinsiq energy patch, N’ergy, better than the rest? Well, our N’ergy patch is made to be kind and gentle to your body. Normally when you take an energy booster like a shake, drink or pill, your intestines get a little, how should we put this… Kick in the nuts. The more artificial products your body takes in the less your intestines can handle and eventually you risk your intestines giving up on you entirely.

So, instead of buying something that's bad for you, in the long run, fuel your body with something that is safe and natural! Fuel up with N’ergy.

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