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Don’t Let Insects Bug You All Summer Long


With the arrival of Spring and Summer, we come to expect many things: the blooming of flowers, the reemergence of snow cone vendors and every insect on the planet poking their heads out after a long bug-free winter. If you are anything like these critters, you are positively itching to reclaim your rightful place in the sunshine. However, obnoxious bugs like the ones mentioned previously may be discouraging you from spending as much time outdoors as you desire.

Sure, there are plenty of bug sprays and candles that allow you to spend an hour or two outside without being eaten alive, but wouldn’t something with a little more longevity be better? The answer to that question is of course, yes.

Our Nvisib1e Insect Repellant Patch will do just that. This easy to apply, vitamin-based transdermal patch will allow you to spend up to 12 hours in nature without gaining so much as one bug bite. Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn’t. Our specially designed repellant patch is chemical free and safe to use for all ages. Can you imagine how much easier and more enjoyable the summer would be without those winged pests constantly hovering around your food, your water, your head? The B1 vitamin found in the patch masks your body’s carbon dioxide emissions, making you basically invisible to insects that are on the hunt for blood. Truly amazing!

This product was field tested in Africa and is sure to stand up to even the most vicious of mosquitoes. It is ideal for camping, fishing, music festivals and backyard barbecues. Protect yourself and your family by ordering the Nvisib1e patch today!

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