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Don't Let Stress Be Your Boss


There is nothing pleasant about a stressful day. Somehow, when you are stressed out everything goes wrong. From spilling your coffee in the morning and being late to where ever you are going to having a constant headache and a shake you just can’t… well… shake, being stressed out is the worst. Trust us, everyone who works and Ntrinsiq has felt the same way at some point in their lives, and so we decided to do something about it!

Nobody likes stress, and that is an irrefutable fact. But, it turns out there is a successful way to prevent stress from taking over your life! And that is with a transdermal stress relief patch. Our SereNity transdermal patch is a soothing, calming patch that can be used to assist you in those stressful moments. The active ingredients in this patch, once attached to you skin, are released in consistent, prolonged levels, with allow your body to maintain ingredient levels with fewer differences in peak to trough than other “traditional” methods of stress management substances.

So how does it help you with your stress? It’s simple, it releases natural, stress relieving active ingredients directly into your body. These ingredients include hops, which acts as a stress relieving tranquilizer in small dosages, valerian, which acts as an anxiety reliever and muscle relaxer, and finally passion flower, which acts as an anxiety easer and slight tranquilizer. With all this in mind, what’s stopping you from at least giving it a try! If stress is taking over control of your life, order a SereNity patch here today! 

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