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Enjoy Everything Summer Has to Offer with Our Energy Patch


Summer is here, but many of us are already longing for the slower days of fall because we just don’t have the energy to keep up with the busy pace of summer. If you’ve found that your energy is fading already and you can’t seem to enjoy all of the summer activities happening around you, Ntrinsiq has a safe, effective method that can help. You can get more out of summer and enjoy every second of it with an energy patch from Ntrinsiq!

Our energy patch is available in a pack of 6 for just $3.90, making them a super affordable, safe method of boosting your energy without dangerous energy drinks full of unknown chemicals. Our patches are made with ingredients you recognize and trust: guarana, green tea, and caffeine. You’ll simply adhere the patch to your skin, where the high-quality ingredients are absorbed into your bloodstream to give you the energy boost you need. The patch will deliver ingredients for 12 hours, but you can easily remove it and stop the effects anytime you want.

Don’t let your lack of energy keep you from enjoying everything summer has to offer. Get out there and get the most out of those summer hikes, music festivals, time at the pool, BBQs and more. You’ll get the boost you need from one little patch that can be easily and discreetly placed on your body. Order your supply of energy patches from Ntrinsiq today. You can place an order in our online store, and when you spend $50 or more we’ll ship your order to you for free. 

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