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Find Out What Hangover- Free Feels Like


Have you ever woke up in the morning after having the best night of your life just to immediately regret every fun thing you did because you had an awful, mind boggling, life ending hangover? Let’s be real here, we all have felt this before, and it’s awful because it forces you to regret the fun you had and be weary on going out and having fun again! This is the exact situation that Ntrinsiq Works wants to prevent.

Ntrinsiq Works invented a transdermal hangover patch that prevents you from having those regret filled morning afters, and instead allows you to make memories without hesitation! This brilliant invention is called Slingshot, because it allows you to bounce back with a clear head. Now, you might be wondering “what’s different between this and traditional hangover home remedies?” A question we love to answer! The big differences are that our hangover patch actually works, is natural and allows you to stay in complete control of what goes into your body.

All you have to do is wear this small transdermal patch when you go out drinking and through the night. Then when you wake up, you can remove the patch and go about living you day, like the intense drinking you did before had 0 effect on you at all! It sounds quiet magical doesn’t it? Well the truth is it’s not magic; It’s actually a vitamin formula that is secreted into your body that provides prolonged levels of vitamin B complex, ginseng, n-acetyl cysteine and peppermint into your body, allowing you to keep up with your body’s natural hangover defense!

So, next time you have a big night of drinking planed, plan ahead and order some of Ntrinsiq’s transdermal hangover patches. You will never be so thankful, as when you wake up hangover-free!

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