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Control What Goes Into Your Body With a Transdermal Patch


People are becoming more aware that what they put into their bodies matters. Farm-to-plate movements, organic produce, and a focus on nutritional health are all indications of the desire to control what goes into our bodies. When it comes to delivering high-quality ingredients to your body, your skin is actually one of the most effective methods. That’s what makes a transdermal patch so powerful.

Transdermal patches like the ones made by Ntrinsiq use absorption through the skin as the delivery method of the ingredients. This is beneficial for several reasons. First, we don’t have to include filler ingredients or artificial coloring or flavors to get you the ingredients you want. Drinks or pills that promise to deliver high-quality nutritional ingredients require you to ingest things you might not want in your body. A transdermal patch, however, delivers only the ingredients you want without additional calories or chemicals.

Secondly, with a transdermal patch you control when you start and stop the delivery of the ingredients. Maybe you only want an energy boost for a few hours; while our energy patch can work continuously for up to 12 hours, you can stop the effect by removing the patch at any time. That gives you unprecedented control over the delivery of ingredients to your body, and isn’t something you could do with a drink or a pill.

Take control of your health and your body! Ntrinsiq offers high quality transdermal patches available in our online store. Choose from a selection of patches that can increase your energy or sex drive, help you sleep, or even keep mosquitos away. Spend more than $50 on your order and we’ll ship it to you for free!

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