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  • Repels Mosquitos, Naturally. 
No need to worry about pesky mosquitos with our N'visible mosquito repellant patch.
  • Repels Mosquitos, Naturally.
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  • Know when your patch is working by the Delivery Color-Indicator.
  • Repels Mosquitos, Naturally. 
No need to worry about pesky mosquitos with our N'visible mosquito repellant patch.
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N'visib1e (30 pack)

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Product Description

What is it?

N'visib1e is a nutritious non-invasive mosquito/insect repellant that is vitamin-based and free of harsh chemicals. N'visib1e contains only vitamin B1 Thiamin.

How N'visib1e Works:

B-1 Thiamin molecules are sufficiently sized to transmit into and through skin, and is then excreted out through the skin as unmetabolized gas that overwhelms the olfactory receptors of mosquitos, hence impairing their ability to locate their prey.

Unlike insect repellant sprays and lotions, our patches protect the wearer wherever they have skin. Other commonly used wet applications provide limited protection, to the areas of contact, only. N'Visib1e is also a non-toxic vitamin-based insect repellant, with a scent of B1.

Words from Co-Founder Rick Myer:

"I was deploying to Afghanistan in 2004 with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit. Prior to deployment I received all necessary training for going into a hostile environment, and so did my uniform. The camouflage received an insect repellent treatment. Turned out our clothes had been laundered in enough DEET to keep them fighting off insects for at least 6 months!  I liked the idea of protecting our troops from vector borne diseases, however 6 plus months of sitting in chemicals made me question; is there a better way?”

Why N'visib1e is safer:

B1, the main ingredient in N’visib1e, is a vitamin that is necessary, nutritious and without toxicity to humans. It is something our bodies require and welcome.

The same comfort of safety cannot be said for common sprays and lotions containing DEET and pyrethrins, which can provide harmful effects to our skin, eyes, mouth, lungs, and more, if ingested or used for prolonged periods. 

"DEET is dangerous for small children. Seizures may occur in small children who are consistently exposed to DEET on their skin for long periods of time. Care should be taken to only apply lower concentrations of DEET to children for short periods of time. Products containing DEET probably should not be used on infants.” (Medline Plus, National Institute of Health, 2014)

In contrast, N’visib1e can be used by people of all ages.

Why N'visib1e is better:

Yes there is a better way and we are extremely excited to offer a non-toxic, portable, healthy alternative insect repellant. The active ingredient in this patch is Vitamin B1, which masks the CO2 emissions that are released through your pores. By masking your CO2 emissions, you become virtually invisible to the insects that depend on your CO2 emissions to hunt. This patch formulation has been successfully field tested for efficacy in Africa. We have utilized a green color changing ink to assist the wearer. When the ink becomes yellow, the patch is actively delivering the B1. Please note that the patch must be in contact with skin to deliver its actives. 

Carry N'visib1e with you anywhere! Our transdermal patches are flat and convienient to carry. 

Applying N'visible:

N'visib1e is effective in 30 minutes, and is safe for people of all ages. We suggest 1 to 2 patches per person (which may last as long as 36 hours). However, we recommend patches be replaced every 12 hours for optimal protection. It is best to wear your patch on clean and dry skin in a place where your skin is nearly immobile. Fortunately, test results in the fields of Africa concluded that continuous use for 5 days delivered 7 days of insect protection against malaria, dengue fever and river blindness.

 Why N'visib1e is transdermal:

Our mosquito repellant patch is transdermal because this vehicle offers our bodies the essential vitamin B1 it needs for healthy metabolism, and the balance is released through your skin’s pores to create an unattractive barrier to the hunting senses of mosquitos. This “shield” serves our entire bodies, and everywhere we travel. Do not worry, the emitted scent of B1 through your pores is unnoticeable to your family and friends. But insects will notice there is something about you they do not like. It’s good to be unpopular, sometimes, yes?

Our transdermal delivery system is more efficient than oral delivery (drinks or tablets).


Are you a concerned athlete? None of these ingredients are prohibited by the World Anti-Drug Agency. 

Serve your body, engage your brain.

There are 30 patches per pack.

Each patch is 1 7/8 in. x 1 7/8 in. (47.625 mm x 47.625 mm)

If you would like to buy wholesale or for retail, please email us at rachelb@ntrinsiq.com.

Made in the USA in an FDA registered facility.

Patent Pending

Manufactured and packaged under GMP.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Citations: Malaria Prophylaxis Initiative, South Africa, 2008

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