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Welcome to the future of health, comfort and performance, delivered transdermally and naturally, at Ntrinsiq Works. No sugars, calories, byproducts, fuss or mess.

Get ready for a new experience! Advanced, effective and pure products from Ntrinsiq. 

Our Transdermal Patches

In using our patches your brain and body cooperate for improving results. Our patches are flat and convienient to carry with you for wherever life takes you. 

  • Our transdermal patches provide steady timed-release results: Our patches deliver ingredients over a sustained period of time, up to 12 hours.
  • Delivery You Control: Youthe wearer, can cease delivery of patch ingredients whenever you choose. Just remove your patch when you want to stop receiving the patch's contents.
  • Serve Your Body and Engage Your Brain: Our patches serve ingredients that aid your body’s performance and engage your brain with voluntarily emitted scents that you trigger and which can enhance the desired results of the patch’s ingredients. Rub the patch to engage your brain and watch the delivery indicator color-changing ink that coincides with absorption.
  • More direct than a drink or food: Our patches activate the natural delivery system in which the patch and the body partner up to directly deliver ingredients into our bloodstream using our body’s transdermal absorption, thus by-passing our less efficient digestive system. (No stomach upset, zero sugar, zero calories, and no unnecessary ingredients.
  • Products For Your LifeStyle: Our multiple products meet your daily needs. Our eight choices cater to your everyday requirements.
  • Super Portable, Easy & Can Be Shared: You can put our patches on and in your pocket or purse to go (for example, wear N’visib1e insect repellant patches while hiking, and it is safe for people of all ages. The ingredient Vitamin Thiamin B1 is nutritious, too.) No messy sprays, scary chemicals, eye irritation, sticky lotions.
  • Our patch has been tested by an independent laboratory for effective delivery.
  • Our Patches are Made in the USA Using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices Standards) and in an FDA-registered facility.
  • Our Patches are sized to offer you a valuable level of ingredients: Each patch is 1.875 inches x 1.875 inches (47.625 mm x 47.625 mm).
  • Our patches can be worn almost anywhere on your skin: We suggest you patch where you have little to no hair, and where your skin will experience little pulling from your activities.

To know more about Our Patches, please see our video on the Ntrinsiq Home Page. You may call or email us, too.


Don't worry, soon enough we'll have many more products. Stay tuned to learn about what's coming up next for Ntrinsiq! 

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