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Safe & Effective

When applying Ntrinsiq Transdermal Patches, you have selected; 
1.  A method of delivery that remains in your control.  When you remove the patch, you stop the ingredients from entering your body.
2.  A product that does not provide you with calories, food coloring, preservatives, fillers, sugars, & other undesirables.
3.  To give your digestive system and stomach a rest.  We could all use a rest.
4.  Ingredients known for their safety and efficacy, by independent researchers.
5.  Patches that steadily release results for 8-12 hours, using your body's natural delivery system (your skin).
6.  More efficient vehicle of absorbing ingredients than the more conventional oral method (drinks, tablets, pills and capsules).
7.  Ingredients that appear in Nature.
8.  Patches made of a hypoallergenic substrate that is FDA approved.

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